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A message to evolution’s melanin magnificence… Beautiful, bangin’, beaming BEAUTY Living liberated, legendary like… An Admirer, Adorer Aficionada Curating cool, commanding consciousness… CREATIVE Keeping keen, kind-hearted, kinetic Womb-man wanting, wandering wondering why Our off-spring obtain outrageous offenses on Mitigating maneuvering managing manhood All-along accomplishing, achieving, and abounding Notice now…never needing narration… BLACK WOMAN


Friend is today’s topic from my Blogging Uni course. I can choose to write about a dear friend OR (huge smile forms here) address a group of people… And, if I am feeling really saucy, they suggest giving acrostic a try: it’s a fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines toContinue reading “Alliter-rostic”

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Blogging Everything Anything & Nothing...Sometimes

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