That Kinda Love

It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you…

Eartha Kitt

I want
That kinda love 
That’s electric 
The kind
That sends 
Down my spine
At the mere 
Of your name

That kinda love
That makes
Me smile
From the inside
To the outside
For no reason 
For any reason 
And every reason

I want
That kinda love
That makes
Me glow
As the sun
Be as
As a Moon lit night

That kinda love
The way 
Looked at
The way 
Barack held
When they
The first

I want
That kinda love
I look forward to
At the end
Of every day
The kind that
Fears and worries away

That kinda love
That gives
And receives
Is patient 
Wants to please

I want 
That kinda love 
That listens 
To me
With me
Excites me
Inspires me

That kinda love
That Makes us
Look like
We vibrate
We gel
That We 
Go Together 

I want
That kinda love
That is
My equal
You for me
Me for you
We our
Own kind of people

That kinda love
That calms
The turbulent waters
Of my soul
The kind
That gets better
And sweeter
As it gets Old

The List

Define who you are and what you are, and be clear on that. Meditate on that and then, live and die by that…

Nipsey Hussle

Lately I have been compiling
A List…

The do’s
And don’ts
The will’s
And won’ts
The yeses
And the no’s
The X’s
And the O’s


Kiss me everyday 
Push me away 
I will 
Hold you down
I won’t 
Chase you around 
You can have me
I won’t dull your 

Communicate with me
Ignore and wait to see
I Will
Celebrate you
I Won’t
Tolerate the run-through
You need to read
To develop, to evolve, to grow
I can’t pretend
That what you feed your mind doesn’t show

Lately, I have been compiling
The List…

Lots of X’s
And O’s
Plenty of yeses

You Can’t Keep…

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

You can’t keep
Fucking me
Over and
Think I 
Will let you
Fucking me

Disappointing me
Over and over
And Over again and
Think I
Will learn to 

Neglecting my
Needs my
Wants and
Think I
Will accept

You can’t keep
Lying to 
Over and over
And Over again and
Think I
Will be 
At ease
With Lies

Making me
Second or
Third or
Always Last and
Think I
Will constantly
Be fine
Not first

You keep
Fucking me over consciously
Disappointing me continuously
Neglecting me consistently
Lying to me comfortably
Keeping me last continually

You will

Love to Me Is Like

My description of a perfect morning landscape in a series of 5-7-5 Haiku.

I love the definition of this form of poetry, “A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.”

Love to me is like
Kissing and coffee with you
that start each new day

Two smiles together
warm, wide, full and genuine
makes love tangible

Love to me is like
long walks each morning alone
soaking in the silence

Fresh air, morning dew
refreshes and restores me
to begin again

Love to me is like
a soft kiss in the evening
on forehead, cheeks, lips

Staring into eyes
and getting lost in your smile
Not wanting to go

Love to me is like
two hands tightly intertwined
together, always

Words that give comfort
sincere healing for the soul

Love to me is like
all mornings with you
Lost in your being

Pleasure…in Love Songs

The directions said, “From the tantalizing to the satisfyingly sober, have your poem convey a sense of pleasure today. Imbue it with joy, glee, and profound contentment — or, if you wish to keep it dark, write about the lack of or longing for pleasure in your life.”

Also, “Add some structure to your poem today by making use of anaphora — a poetic device that relies on the repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of each verse.”

Ooh! I have the perfect piece!

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s like a
Perfectly, put-together Playlist of my
Favorite love songs
That do that Maxwell’s
To me
I just can’t explain

But, I’ll try…..

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s like Wiz Khalifa’s “Something New”
It tastes new
It feels new
It makes me

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

In one breath
I hear dvsn’s “Miss Me”
Cause I do

In another Maroon 5
“Beautiful Mistake”
Cause it might be

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s more than
You pressing
Your lips on
My lips

It’s you making
Time for me
To focus for that moment
Only on me
Giving that india.arie kinda

I get lost
In time…all the time
Floating somewhere
Between a dream and the reality
That I really could
Be in this moment with you
Like Drake’s

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s like
Everything that is wrong
Has somehow been
Made right
I can hear
Common in my ear
With my questions of
“The Questions”
Did I
Really just feel
What I thought
I felt?
Is this dude
Trying to
Make me melt?
Can this
Be that heartfelt?
And Lord
Have I
Just been dealt?

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s never
Quick, short, or hurried
But done
Slowly, deeply, and passionately
Like a REAL kiss Should be

I can hear
A melody of “yous”
In my ear
Marvin Gaye‘s
“I Want You”
Kindred the Family Soul‘s
“Where Would I Be If I Didn’t Know You”
Avant‘s “Y. O. U.”
Even Beyoncé’s
“I Miss You”

When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

It’s like H. E. R. ‘s
Every time I try to leave
“Something Keeps Pulling Me Back”
It’s like
All my favorite love songs
All rolled up
Into that one moment
With you

So, see
When you kiss me…
And I kiss you back

You do that Love Jones kinda
Maxwell “Mellosmoothe”
To me
I just can’t explain

But I tried…

Thank You, But I’m Done: From The Recovery Chronicles: The Preface

“You can not change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around.”

Dear You,

I’ve been doing some thinking, some reflecting, some deciding. And, well…

Thank you
for making me feel

But I’m done
Waisting my time
Waiting on time
Negotiating for time

Thank you
for inspiring me to

But I’m done
Being an after thought
A second thought
Hell, no thought

Thank you
for helping me to

But I’m done
Problem Solving

Thank you for
Hurting me
Ignoring me
Using me
Disappointing me

But I’m done
Always encouraging you
Supporting you
Being there for you

And I’m done
With the confusion
With the illusion
With the delusion

Thank you for
Changing me
Inspiring me
Empowering me

But I’m done

Thank you
I can
take it
from here.

With Much Love & Appreciation,
Me ❤️

I am Worth More

Let that sizzle in your spirit.

Kountry Wayne

I am worth more 
Than a 1-second text message 
Every blue moon

I am worth
Numerous messages 
Letting me know 
You will talk to me or 
See me soon

I am worth more
Than brief, rushed visits 
Every now and then

I am worth 
Long days and long nights 
That seem to have no end

I am worth more 
Than forgotten birthdays 
And lonely holidays

I am worth
Careful planning and
Effort spent showing 
You love me 
In many ways

I am worth more than 
One excuse 
After the next

I am worthy 
Of importance 
And experiencing 
The best

I am worth more than
This constant stream
Of bullshit

I am worthy
Of someone who knows
Yes! She’s it!

I am worth more than 
Leftovers and crumbs

I am worthy of
Everything and 
Then some

I am worth more than
Being forgotten 
Confused and

I am worthy of 
Time and
Not a last resort
When you’re bored

I am worth more
I feel it
I know it

I am worthy of
That one
That adds to my peace
And is capable
Of showing it

Girl, STOP! This is not Idris Elba!

Sometimes when our hearts get broken, we can feel like it’s the end of the world!

Here is a somewhat humorous reminder that said breakup, just mmiiiiggghhhttt not be the end of the world. ☺️

STOP! This Is Not Idris Elba!

Sweetie, You walk around here
feeling sad and rejected

But stop, chick!
This is not Idris Elba!

You are not missing
That smooth dark skin
with eyes, lips, an accent
to die for

You musta forgot about
Those pop eyes
cheeks like jowls
and lips full of lies

You get a tug on your heart
And some times stop breathing!

But stop, Chica!
This is not Idris Elba!

You did not give up
strong, broad shoulders
Marbleized biceps
A body like
the statue of David

You gave up
an Oompa, Loompa chest
flabby, jiggly shapless arms
man boobs for pecs

Like, I said, Giiiirrrrlll…STOP!
This is not Idris Elba!

You hang your head low
Because you think
you missin’ something

You miss
A shape like a penguin
who waddles
when he walks?

Girl, Stop!
This is not Idris Elba!

Sometimes our hearts
get out of control
And We can’t tell it
who to love

But Don’t you cry another tear!
Think another sad thought!
Dude gave you away
Be glad his ass didn’t stay

Honey child, stop!
This is not Idris Elba!

It aint even Morris Chestnut…

So see Sweetie…when you feeling all sad
Down and out
Wondering why
Pinch yourself or slap yourself
and say

Boo, stop!
This AIN’T Idris Elba!

Where Writing Hides

Within the sea of words of a good book

In the heartache of losing someone you love

In a tear slowly cascading along the creases of a cheek

…is where writing hides

In the laughter of my sons as they play

In the soapy suds of the shampoo in my hair

In the heat of a warm bath

…is where writing hides

On the tails of fireflies as they illuminate the darkness

in day dreams and nightmares

Within the quiet of early mornings

With thoughts, pen and paper in hand

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