The Movement Memoirs: Day 1

“You Can’t Trust Your Thoughts!”

The mind and body are not separate units, but one integrated system.

Bernie Siegel, M.D.

The Movement Memoirs are starting today as a way to document my commitment to moving my body daily for 30 days. Consider it to be an experiment if you will. What will I learn about myself and this 49-year old body in those 30 days? Can I maintain 30 days of consistent movemment or will I give up?

Today was day 1. The theme for today would have to have been YOU CAN NOT TRUST YOUR THOUGHTS! It is funny and quite interesting at how my mind seems perfectly quiet and contented as long as I sit on the sofa watching television. No push back at all. Thoughts silent.

The moment I mutter “I need to exercise today,” I began thinking about all the things I need to do BEFORE I start said exercise. I mean all sorts of thoughts! I seem to literally start rationalizing why it would be better to just wait until tomorrow. And I have tried waiting until tomorrow! That tomorrow turns into another tomorrow and another tomorrow and before you know it a week is gone!

There was a real Wrestlemania going on in my head and all I wanted to do was get on my treadmill and start my Couch to 5K app!

I literally had to perform a manual override of my prominent thought, put my tights on, lace up my sneakers and step on the treadmill!!

I began to walk slowly. The app gave me 5 minutes to warm up before the walk/run intervals started. It was rocky at first because I could literally hear “There is no point to this. Just wait until tomorrow. It’s too late in the day. You work out better in the mornings!” I mean all kinds of gobbledygook!

I kept moving and I literally had to say out loud “NO, KEEP GOING!” Eventually the nagging voice stopped and the run intervals got easier. I couldn’t help thinking “Man, you cannot trust your thoughts!”

My body did exactly what I told it to do today. I decided to keep going and I was able to finish the entire workout…all 25 minutes! And felt better afterward.

Why were my own thoughts fighting me? Movement is good for me but why was I arguing with myself to just get started?!

Day 1 down. Goal achieved today. Will I win the battle each day for the next 29 days? We shall see.

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