Friend is today’s topic from my Blogging Uni course. I can choose to write about a dear friend OR (huge smile forms here) address a group of people… And, if I am feeling really saucy, they suggest giving acrostic a try: it’s a fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines toContinue reading “Alliter-rostic”

I, Too (The Sista’s Version)

Inspiration can come from out of no where sometimes. And I was minding my business when I stumbled upon a post from @hannahdrake628 of WriteSomeShit called Black Women for 2021 Mind The Business that Minds You. In her post, she said “I believe that for 2021 it is time for Black Women to reclaim theirContinue reading “I, Too (The Sista’s Version)”


Today’s Blogging University Intro to Poetry topic is FACE. Take a single face, write about it, to put it plainly. Like to hear it…here it go! (In my best Calhoun Tubbs impression from In Living Color) Beauty… is in the eye of the beholder they say Black. Beautiful. Bangin’. Beaming. Beauty… Is it blond hairContinue reading “Beauty?”


It’s funny how we can recognize when someone else is doing us wrong or has betrayed us in some way. We leap with panther-like speed to let them know we will not tolerate this sort of behavior or we quickly exit the situation that does not serve us well. But what do we do whenContinue reading “Betrayal”


Starting a blog is often touted “Super simple! Get started in less than 5 minutes! It’s VERY EASY to do!” Says anyone and everyone who seem to have christened themselves a consummate “expert” on all things blogging. Poppycock! I always wondered when I would get to use that word! The easy or simple part hasContinue reading “Jellyfish”

The “Who I am and Why I’m Here” Post

It’s day 1-ish and the email said “You’re a blogger! Time to publish a post that gives readers a sense of who you are,” from’s Blogging University being the ever enthusiastic motivator. I stare blankly at the email. Let’s see…”Time to publish a post that gives readers a sense of who you are.” (InsertContinue reading “The “Who I am and Why I’m Here” Post”

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