Girl, STOP! This is not Idris Elba!

Sometimes when our hearts get broken, we can feel like it’s the end of the world!

Here is a somewhat humorous reminder that said breakup, just mmiiiiggghhhttt not be the end of the world. ☺️

STOP! This Is Not Idris Elba!

Sweetie, You walk around here
feeling sad and rejected

But stop, chick!
This is not Idris Elba!

You are not missing
That smooth dark skin
with eyes, lips, an accent
to die for

You musta forgot about
Those pop eyes
cheeks like jowls
and lips full of lies

You get a tug on your heart
And some times stop breathing!

But stop, Chica!
This is not Idris Elba!

You did not give up
strong, broad shoulders
Marbleized biceps
A body like
the statue of David

You gave up
an Oompa, Loompa chest
flabby, jiggly shapless arms
man boobs for pecs

Like, I said, Giiiirrrrlll…STOP!
This is not Idris Elba!

You hang your head low
Because you think
you missin’ something

You miss
A shape like a penguin
who waddles
when he walks?

Girl, Stop!
This is not Idris Elba!

Sometimes our hearts
get out of control
And We can’t tell it
who to love

But Don’t you cry another tear!
Think another sad thought!
Dude gave you away
Be glad his ass didn’t stay

Honey child, stop!
This is not Idris Elba!

It aint even Morris Chestnut…

So see Sweetie…when you feeling all sad
Down and out
Wondering why
Pinch yourself or slap yourself
and say

Boo, stop!
This AIN’T Idris Elba!

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